leogistics rail solution

Solution Description

As an element of the leogistics digital supply chain (d.s.c.), the leogistics RAIL solution takes over the planning, execution, invoicing and evaluation of rail-bound transports. The leogistics rail solution is a holistic process solution based on SAP technology for your individual railway operation and covers shunting movements in stations and sidings as well as train movements on open lines.

By combining desktop applications for office employees and work instructions on mobile devices for the crew on the track, the communication flow is digitalized. The dispatching interfaces in the system are based on best-practice examples in the industry, in which operational and railway law regulations are incorporated. The included rotation planning for the company's own wagon and traction vehicle fleet guarantees an optimal use of resources.

As an SAP add-on, the leogistics RAIL Solution can be seamlessly integrated with all SAP systems - integration with railway companies and other service providers is standardized. The preconfigured process landscape reduces the implementation time to 12 weeks!

Communication between dispatcher & employees takes place via digital systems and leads to the elimination of all travel times

Digital division of labour

Process participants have access to the current operating situation

Current track diagram

Wagon crossing, rear position as empty wagon, return to RU - planned

Economic wagon planning

Proposals for optimized circulation are possible across all locations

Rotation planning



Monitoring the company's own fleet


Integration with loading points, the company's dispatch department and utility companies


From operational planning to the preparation of waybills


Up-to-date evaluations can be called up at any time

Reporting & KPIs

The factory's own fleet of wagons always in view: Circulations and requirements are determined by the system

leogistics rail solution

Complementary Products

  1. LEOGISTICS YARD - Coordination and control of all movements on the factory premises
  2. LEOGISTICS REPORT - Reporting & Monitoring of logistic KPIs
  3. LEOGISTICS PLAN - Planning of capacities, requirements and resources
  4. Integration into upstream and downstream SAP systems

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