leogistics Port Solution

Solution Description

Smart Port Logistics, automation and digitalisation are the major challenges of maritime logistics.  The acquisition of process-relevant information in real time, supported by the use of mobile devices, is an important basis for process optimization.

Our SAP-based solution for terminal and port logistics includes functionalities for planning maritime logistics processes, managing ship arrivals, handling unloading and loading processes, inventory management and invoicing of warehousing and services.

leogistics Port is rounded off by further components of leogistics d.s.c for the areas of truck yard control, port railway and reporting. We would be pleased to carry out an inventory of existing processes and IT systems in your logistics with you and derive concrete steps to make your processes "smart".

Booking and order management with status management

ship arrivals

Management of locations, equipment and personnel

Ressourcen Management

Central place for managing ship information

Ship database

Maintenance of checklists and receipt of signatures on mobile devices

Safety instructions

Port Solutions

Added value

Use of sensor technology for process automation

Preparation for IoT

Planning and support of pilotage services

Pilotage processes

Implementation of unloading and loading processes, inventory management incl. receipts and issues

Cargo Handling

Collection of information for cost and revenue accounting

Billing preparation

The smooth flow of information within the company's own IT architecture is an important success factor for smart port processes

leogistics Port Solution

Complementary products

  1. LEOGISTICS YARD - Coordination and control of all movements on the factory premises
  2. LEOGISTICS REPORT - Reporting & Monitoring of logistic KPIs
  3. LEOGISTICS PLAN - Planning of capacities, requirements and resources

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