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solution description

leogistics Yard Management, developed on the basis of SAP technology, coordinates and controls all movements, activities of modes of transport and means of transport within and outside the plant premises as well as their status tracking.

As part of the leogistics digital supply chain (d.s.c), the solution enables process mapping starting with the registration of incoming modes of transport and persons, via control at site-specific locations, such as parking areas or loading points, to the coordination of means of transport (e.g. crane, forklift, reachstaker) for loading and unloading.

The special feature of leogistics YARD - Yard Management is the possibility to plan, control and monitor the transport processes of all relevant modes of transport (truck, train & ship) with one solution. And this across industries as well as in separate areas with special process requirements, such as trailer & container management.

As an SAP AddOn, leogistics YARD provides deep process integration into upstream and downstream SAP systems.

on all movements and activities of modes of transport and persons on the factory premises

consistent transparency

in upstream and downstream SAP systems and processes

flexible and deep integration

of transport movements and means within and outside the factory premises

high process automation

through leogistics Yard Management developed on SAP technology

Future & investment security



leogistics does not only provide its own yard management, but also the corresponding terminals.

everything from a single source - leogistics software and terminals

e.g. integration of a sensor-supported truck call-off

comprehensive range of innovative IoT scenarios

through seamless IT-supported process implementation and its documentation

audit safety

by reducing unnecessary movements (e.g. trailer, Mavi, forklift)

Cost & time savings

leogistics yard

Complementary products

  1. LEOGISTICS TRANS - Transport planning, transport disposition, tendering & awarding of single transports
  2. LEOGISTICS SLOT - Planning & control of loading and unloading by assigning time windows
  3. MYLEO / TRACK & TRACE - real-time tracking of transports
  4. LEOGISTICS REPORT - Reporting & Monitoring of Logistics KPIs
  5. LEOGISTICS PLAN - Planning of capacities, requirements and resources

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