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leogistics slot

As part of the leogistics digital supply chain (d.s.c), leogistics SLOT Management (Dock Appointment Scheduling), developed on SAP technology, controls and plans loading and unloading by allocating static and dynamic time windows, taking available capacities (personnel I loading ramps I forklifts I etc.) into account.

The use of additional leogistics solutions expands the range of functions, such as the integration of real-time data of incoming trucks (track and trace) to indicate delays or necessary time window shifts.

As SAP AddOn, leogistics SLOT time slot management provides a deep process integration into upstream and downstream SAP systems.

allows efficient management of critical processes

Early Transparency

through reduction of demurrage charges and loading & unloading times

Reduce Transport & Freight Costs

through system-supported activity flow

Continuous Process Documentation

Process increase of up to 50%

avoidance of peak loads and idle times



up to 20%

Optimized use of resources increased loading capacity

up to 40%

reduction of truck throughput times

up to 20%

shorten truck loading & unloading times

up to 35%

lower truck stand & wait times

leogistics Slot

Complementary products

  1. LEOGISTICS TRANS – Transport planning, transport disposition, tendering & awarding of single transports
  2. MYLEO / TRACK & TRACE – real-time tracking of transports
  3. LEOGISTICS YARD – coordination and control of all movements on the factory premises
  4. LEOGISTICS REPORT – Reporting & Monitoring of Logistics KPIs
  5. LEOGISTICS PLAN – Planning of capacities, requirements and resources
  6. Integration into upstream and downstream SAP systems

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