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As an extension to the operational scope of services of the leogistics digital supply chain (d.s.c.), leogistics PLAN includes applications and functions for logistics planning processes. In long-term demand and capacity planning (monthly planning), initial requirements are converted into more detailed planning and compared with capacity limits.

In the medium term, orders are planned in a planning calendar (weekly planning) with the aim of orchestrating orders and the associated expenses between process participants and comparing them with existing resources. Short-term detailed planning (day planning) takes place in resource usage or distribution planning by planning concrete resources at concrete times for a location or order.

The complete integration between planning and operational level allows feedback from the processes to flow directly into planning. Plan and actual information, for example, can be easily analyzed with leogistics REPORt.

leogistics PLAN is completely built in SAP-technology and uses modern UI5 technology for its interfaces. Architecturally, it is based on the generic approach of leogistics d.s.c..

maximum transparency and user-friendly user experience

Applications optimized for planning processes

The system provides proposals to reduce the planning effort.

semi- and fully automatic planning

allows pro-active rescheduling based on feedback from operational processes

Integrated into the operational process

by using the generic architecture of leogistics d.s.c. Platform




can be used as SAP AddOn for leogistics as well as SAP solutions, e.g. SAP TM

Extensive range of applications

Monthly, weekly and daily planning in one system

Coverage of the complete operational planning process

through leogistics PLAN, developed on SAP technology

Future & investment security

Improved plan results through comparison with actual data

Reporting Integration

leogistics plan

complementary products

  1. LEOGISTICS TRANS - Transport planning, transport disposition, tendering & awarding of single transports
  2. LEOGISTICS SLOT - Planning & control of loading and unloading by assigning time windows
  3. MYLEO / TRACK & TRACE - real-time tracking of transports
  4. LEOGISTICS YARD - coordination and control of all movements on the factory premises
  5. LEOGISTICS PLAN - Planning of capacities, requirements and resources

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