Cloud-based solution for holistic monitoring of your transports

myleo / tnt

Keep an eye on your transports at all times and react quickly whenever necessary. Adherence to delivery dates guaranteed!


Despite the use of time window management systems, manufacturing companies often do not know when the trucks will arrive at the factory premises. Loading and unloading processes thus become a gamble and often cannot be planned. This has effects on the overall processes, the loading takes too long, you have to improvise or undermine. That does not have to be the case!


This is where the leogistics solution comes in. With acceptance, scan of the freight order, for example for loading, the truck can already be tracked in the approach to the plant. Of course, all data protection legal parameters are observed and implemented. In addition, the system permanently calculates whether the planned arrival date (ETA) can still be maintained based on the current position, the current traffic volume and the possible driving and rest times of the driver. So-called dynamic isolines (geofence areas) automatically notify the driver if the truck is, for example, 30 minutes or 15 minutes away from the plant premises.


Always know exactly where my transports are, always up to date, always prepared. Be always informed about where your transports are. Spare your nerves and keep an eye on when the next truck rolls to your door. Minimise downtimes, optimise capacity utilisation at loading and unloading points, improve the utilisation of your personnel and resources. Make efficient use of your picking area.

Integrate any type of traffic telematics - whether truck, train or ship


Integration of HERE Location Services

Online Maps

Dynamic geofences for automatic notification of your transports


Seamlessly business process integration

Integration ERP / TMS

Confirm the receipt of delivery with POD app

Proof of delivery

Keep track of ETAs and upcoming delays at all times


Create integrated business processes with sensor data

Sensor technology

Networked data with digital logistics tools


Incl. status messages, communication, loading information and more

Driver App

Get notifications about the current loading situation

Integration myleo / slot

Soon available

Integration myleo /yard

Extend the solutions according to your needs

Additional data fields

Tracks not only your equipment but also linked processes

Process Tracking

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