Holistic planning and control

Smart logistics

Digitalization does not only mean the design of paperless processes or the central orientation of applications to mobile devices. It also represents the overall availability of process-relevant information and is based on the fact that information barriers are dismantled and the flow of goods is optimally planned, controlled and monitored. Logistics service providers therefore have to face new technologies as well as their clients. Innovative production and trading companies are preparing themselves for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things: they are increasingly relying on IoT platforms, microservices and artificial intelligence.

Several years ago, leogistics GmbH began developing its own supply chain execution solutions for primarily manufacturing companies and logistics service providers in order to digitize processes and establish new collaborative business processes.

The digitization consulting of leogistics offers optimization potential among other things through:

  1. Automation of process steps and efficiency increase
  2. Real-time information flow and response
  3. Reduction of process costs

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