06.10.2020 | News
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Transport management systems are changing

Transport logistics is in a constant state of change. Last but not least, new technological possibilities make demands on IT systems and process mapping much more demanding. The interest of our customers in a comprehensive view of their transport processes is growing enormously. For this reason, we offer a service that records the path from the current status to the desired target process. In doing so, we orientate ourselves on a travel plan and divide our joint project into several work steps. 

Travel Planning with leogistics

We would like to accompany you during the planning and execution of your trip and are at your disposal with our expertise as travel planners.

  1. Often the requirements are not yet written down or are not fully known. We will be happy to do this together with you. We analyze the initial situation and define with you medium and long-term goals based on methods from Design Thinking
  2. The next step is to find out what type of travel you are and what your travel requirements are. In joint workshops, we will look at the operational requirements for a generic transport management system, define your target processes, prioritize your requirements and bring them into different process screens based on the transport processes. 
  3. Based on the information gained, different destinations and options are examined. In doing so, we develop a suitable system architecture, a possible project approach and (if desired) a price indication for a joint implementation. 

We have created various packages for this procedure. Our packages are based on your level of knowledge, desired scope and plans.

Step 1: Objective: Vision and Strategy      

  • Preparation of the workshops 
  • TMS Process WS based on the Fraunhofer TMS Model
  • General understanding of the TMS functions
  • Understanding the most important requirements and current working methods
  • Design thinking exercises to understand strategic requirements and the vision (challenges and goals) SAP S/4HANA Strategy

Step 2: To-Be TMS Solution Analysis

  • Vision of the department and strategic requirements
  • Comparison, based on functional clusters such as planning, collaboration, execution, freight cost management
  • System Demonstration
  • Design Thinking - target image generation and long-term vision
  • Prioritization of functional clusters (strategic and temporal)

Step 3: To-Be Process Design and System Architekture

Future solution design on different levels
Detailed process workshops

  • Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Execution
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Possibilities with innovative technologies (AI, IoT, etc.)
  • Creation of a rough future process design
  • Exemplary project planning Price indication (based on available information)

The packages are not to be regarded as fixed, but rather serve as a template for joint detailing - based on your requirements. It is up to you whether the transport management system analysis procedure should be based on SAP S/4HANA TM.

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