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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality are not only on the advance in the entertainment industry, but also offer companies numerous possibilities for visualization, optimization and increased efficiency. Augmented Reality is the extension of the perceived reality with the help of digital data. Physical and digital content can be processed simultaneously - in contrast, in virtual reality (artificial environment) information is not embedded in a real, but in a fictional environment.

Augmented reality in particular offers the possibility to actively support work processes in logistics and thereby increase efficiency. This means that augmented reality can be a useful support wherever it is necessary to provide additional information in a real environment that is bound to a specific location or linked to specific objects.

Practical example

Wagon recognition with Augmented Reality

One concrete application of our leogistics AR solution with a head-mounted display is, for example, for locomotive drivers, as they usually wear working gloves and therefore cannot hold any additional equipment (tablet or other portable devices) in their hands. With the help of data glasses, e.g. wagon numbers are scanned and the employee receives auditory feedback via voice assistant on wagon type, weight, loading status and destination location.

Corrections in the track area can also be made here with voice control. This makes the work process much easier for the employee so that he can concentrate on his motor activities.

This technology can save a lot of time and money. Leogistics is constantly monitoring the technological progress of Head-Mounted Devices (HMD's) in order to be able to use Augmented Reality as soon as possible.

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Optimization potential through the use of AR: hands-free process documentation, error avoidance and shortening of processing time

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