Mobile solution for the detection of

Load securing

In general, the load securing app enables simple and quick documentation of the load securing process:

It is possible to take photos and save them within the app, so that you can protect yourself at any time against recourse claims of the customer or the carrier for missing or defective goods.

The signature of the shipper and the driver shows who carried out the load securing. The signature of the inspector is stored as an image in the respective document. Freely configurable checklists, essential data on the condition of the load and truck, time stamps etc. are also stored for the individual loading processes and can be called up at any time.

The app is based on UI5-Technology and can therefore be operated and controlled by everyone according to the usual simple app navigation. The leogistics load securing app can be installed on all mobile devices.


The load securing app is included in SP07 for Release 3.0 and has already been delivered to all customers who are on Release 3. New customers receive these as standard.

More detailed information about our digitization projects in logistics can be found on our Corporate Blog.

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