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Do you regularly have expensive inventories in your warehouse? Do you need a quick and easy way to record the number of objects?

Based on machine learning and image recognition we offer you the possibility to count using images. With our leo Counting App you can choose a picture (or take a picture on site) and send it to myleo d.s.c. The answer will then contain the number and position of the counted objects.

The counted objects are then conveniently displayed in the app. In an overlay above the image, each object is marked in color. Now you can still make changes to the result if objects were detected incorrectly or not at all. Markers can be added, removed or moved.

The number of objects is always clearly visible and can be used by the employee for further processing in subsequent systems.


When creating our applications, we follow the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines. The leo Counting App also offers gesture control. This type of operation has established itself in recent years on mobile devices and is expected by users.

If you would like to learn more about the leo Counting App or automatic integration into your processes, please contact us. We can also provide you with a demo with sample images. You can find more detailed information about our digitization projects in logistics on our Corporate Blog.

Productivity increase through the leo COUNTING App for time-consuming and error-prone counting processes

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