Solutions for integrated logistics and transport scenarios

leogistics digital supply chain

We support you with the leogistics digital supply chain (leogistics d.s.c.) in optimizing complex logistics scenarios and automating your processes.

Our SAP-based solutions already contain many preconfigured logistics processes for plant and site logistics as well as rail and port logistics and process participants are efficiently integrated into IT and system environments. In addition, IoT and/or cloud solutions can be linked with existing systems as part of digitization strategies. Together with our customers, we also implement individual industry- and transport-specific logistics solutions.

In the interaction of SAP standard applications and leogistics complementary solutions, we offer you tailor-made concepts for the entire operational control of your internal and external logistics processes.

Solution for efficient control of maritime and port processes based on SAP Technology

Maritime Logistics & Port Operations

leogistics Port Operations controls maritime and landside logistics processes for the smooth and efficient handling of all loading units between water, rail and road. With the help of the leogistics solution, all processes in a port can be efficiently mapped within a single software component. Due to the high flexibility, processes are easily configured. The port operations system based on SAP technology can be fully integrated with SAP and NON-SAP systems.  

Marine Planning

Berth scheduling

costing & billing

vessel traffic service

vessel database

Collaboration platform

Cargo Handling Operations

Act of Pilotage

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