Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

with leogistics

Our interdisciplinary, international teams of logistics consultants and software developers support you comprehensively and globally to build and focus on the requirements of your process management. We plan, coordinate and manage extensive projects to set up or restructure your process scenarios and design the appropriate IT architecture.


UX Services

Generally speaking, the term User Experience (UX) encompasses users' perceptions and their reactions to a product or service during use. Our digital services must therefore provide our customers from start to end with reliable and intuitive usage.

Naturally, presenting complex data volumes and processes on mobile and desktop devices in a clear and comprehensible manner is a great challenge. Knowing the requirements of our customers is therefore crucial to our successful UX design. Our interdisciplinary teams of logistics and design specialists collect and analyze the relevant insights and coordinate navigation and functions perfectly in order to develop an outstanding process design that guides our users through the application and thus optimally supports the logisticians in their daily work.


Open Source Development with


OPEN UI5 is the open source variant of the SAPUI5 Development Toolkit. SAP developed the JavaScript framework OpenUI5 under an Apache 2.0 license to create operating system-independent business applications.

Depending on the environment in which OpenUI5 is used, the libraries or applications can, for example, be stored on an SAP NetWeaver Application Server or an SAP Cloud Platform.

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