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PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving) is a portable water filter unit and was developed by the Department of Urban Water Management at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Kassel for the purification of contaminated surface water. The blue water backpack is used in emergency and catastrophic situations, weighs approx. 23 kg and processes 1,200 litres of water per day: without energy, chemicals, maintenance and without trained operating personnel. The entire operation is shown in four pictograms, so that the device can also be operated by illiterates. Around 400 people can help themselves.

As a company that deals with logistics challenges on a daily basis, we support this project, which makes a direct and efficient contribution to improving the living conditions of local people. In contrast to large filter systems, which take several days to put into operation on site and are usually only installed in central locations, PAUL also reaches people in remote areas with far less logistical effort. PAUL offers concrete and at the same time innovative assistance in emergency situations. Through the support and willingness to donate of our customers, business partners and employees, we have already collected considerable sums, which have been increased by the company. https://leo-for-paul.com/

Football for the little ones


SV Rugenbergen is active in the district of Pinneberg with committed youth work and great commitment to the development of sport. Football has been a tradition in the club for over 90 years.

In contrast, we are a young, globally active company with regional roots in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. leogistics GmbH offers to international industrial and logistics companies, comprehensive consulting services and software solutions for supply chain management as well as warehouse and transport logistics. What we have in common with SV Rugenbergen are values such as passion, emotions, technology and team spirit, which are attributed to football and which are lived with commitment to the club.

Sport and business also have one thing in common: we have to look after the next generation in the long term. The promotion of the youth teams of SV Rugenbergen has therefore been part of our corporate culture for years. We look forward to many exciting moments together and wish the young footballers further success! http://svrugenbergen-jugend.de/

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